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So here’s a bit about me… There are lots of things that I love, like the beach, snowboarding, travelling the world, camping, good wine, sangrias, espresso martinis, ice cream, pizza, doggie cuddles, the theatre, sunsets, dancing and snow ball fights! It’s that warm and fuzzy feeling that fills you up with ultimate happiness and puts a big smile on your face that makes those things so special.  


I get that same feeling when I am at a great wedding. Weddings are truly one of the best days in any couples life and that is why I became a wedding celebrant! It is all about the great vibes that the couple share with their family and friends and it is always such a pleasure to share in that happiness that will last a lifetime. 


I have been married to my partner in crime Matty for 5 happy years. Every day that we have been married has added to our wonderful and crazy adventures, we have built a home together, rescued our two fur babies, travelled the world, shared far too many bottles of wine together and enjoyed the simple pleasures of married life.  I remember our wedding day like it was yesterday,  I remember how sore my cheeks were from smiling all day and how sore my feet were from shredding on the D-floor all night!! 


When I meet couples that are getting married I feel compelled to let them know, that all of the effort and even the stress of pulling off such a great day is worth every little bit. Your wedding day is going to be a million times better than you can even imagine!! And every couple I have shared that with has told me I was right. Together lets make a wedding ceremony that you will remember forever and let’s get your marriage off to a cracking start!